Oolong, White, Yerba Mate & Pu Erh

[prices effective 02 September 2016]


Apricot - $9.95/2oz pkg, $13.95/4oz pkg, $21.95/8oz pkg
Organic oolong tea with apricot flavors, rich in antioxidants

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Caramel Toffee Oolong - $9.95/2oz pkg, $13.95/4oz pkg, $21.95/8oz pkg
Oolong tea, hazelnut brittle, caramel pieces and flavorings. Contains nuts and milk products

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Formosa Oolong Choicest - $8.95/2oz pkg, $12.95/4oz pkg, $20.95/8oz pkg
This silver-tipped champagne Oolong is simply one of the best. It produces a dry, fragrant cup with the typical sweet peach-like flavor associated with Formosan Oolongs. It has a wonderful floral aroma

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Fujian Oolong - $8.95/2oz pkg, $12.95/4oz pkg, $20.95/8oz pkg
a toasty oolong with an open leaf and some stems 

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Orange Blossom Oolong - $9.95/2oz pkg, $13.95/4oz pkg, $21.95/8oz pkg
A wonderful Oolong tea with a delicate and refreshing orange flavor. A rich flavored oolong with delicious orange overtones

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Peach Oolong - $9.95/2oz pkg, $13.95/4oz pkg, $21.95/8oz pkg
Formosa Oolong with peach flavorings

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Ti Kwon Yin Oolong - $9.95/2oz pkg, $13.95/4oz pkg, $21.95/8oz pkg
China oolong, mellow in taste

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Drum Mountain White Cloud - $9.95/2oz pkg, $13.95/4oz pkg, $21.95/8oz pkg
White tea from the historic Drum Mountain Monastery

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Pomegranate - $9.95/2oz pkg, $13.95/4oz pkg, $21.95/8oz pkg
Organic white tea, pomegranate flavors, rose hips orange & mango

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Silver Needle - $9.95/2oz pkg, $13.95/4oz pkg, $21.95/8oz pkg
One of the finest Chinese teas available. These fine young unopen long silvery buds are carefully picked under strict rules. Yields a delicate cup with a clean fragrance and taste. China white tea, safflowers, Champagne and raspberry flavors

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Soo Mee White - $7.95/2oz pkg, $11.95/4oz pkg, $19.95/8oz pkg
A light and delicate white tea from China with a smooth delightful flavor; without astringency. Brews an orange liquor. A voluminous tea, 2oz. of tea fills a 4oz. package. The general process for Chinese white teas:naturally withered and sun drying. White teas are known to be high in antioxidants.

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White Champagne Raspberry - $9.95/2oz pkg, $13.95/4oz pkg, $21.95/8oz pkg
China white tea, safflowers, Champagne and raspberry flavors

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White Christmas - $9.95/2oz pkg, $13.95/4oz pkg, $21.95/8oz pkg
White tea, orange peel, almonds, rose petals, cinnamon chips, apple pieces, cinnamon orange spice, holiday flavors

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White Peony (Pai Mu Tan) - $9.95/2oz pkg, $13.95/4oz pkg, $21.95/8oz pkg
Long silvery buds mingled with light and dark green leaves from the Fujian province in China. This rare and elegant tea yeilds a delicate, golden, and smooth brew with a slightly sweet finish. A voluminous tea, 2oz. of tea fills a 4oz. package

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Mate Carnival - $8.95/2oz pkg, $12.95/4oz pkg, $20.95/8oz pkg
Roasted Mate, Rooibos, broken coffee beans, sunflowers, blue mallow flowers, marigold and coffee flavor

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Golden Pu Erh  - $8.95/2oz pkg, $12.95/4oz pkg, $20.95/8oz pkg
Wonderful pu-erh with golden tips

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